Niche Topics

We are actively recruiting publishers in the following niche topic areas: parenting, families, beauty, fashion, and pets!

Opportunities for Influencers

Unlike some agencies or networks, my services are 100% free for partners. There is no demand for exclusivity and my goal is to help you monetize and increase the revenue of your media properties through performance marketing opportunities. This way the offers and partnerships I bring to you can supplement your other income streams.


With a minimum of 100K unique North American visitors per month or a similar overall audience reach you may qualify for our VIP Partnerships which include a variety of extra campaign offers, short-term rate increases, and more!

Let’s work together!

Are you a publisher?

We work with so many different types of partners; bloggers, influencers, online magazines, community networks, content sites, PPC affiliates, and more! But what is the one thing all of these partners have in common? They all create and publish content of some sort. Sometimes on a social network, within a digital magazine, in a blog, or in a print publication. So by my definition, if you create and publish content you 100% are a PUBLISHER! We just need to get oxford to update their definition of a publisher for the digital age!

What are our partner requirements?

I do not require exclusivity, I want my partners to be able to optimize their sites as they see fit. However, because all of our client’s offers involve a CPA or CPA/hybrid payment model we are not usually in direct competition with most ad networks who require exclusivity for CPC or CPM advertising.  There is no minimum monthly page view or followers’ requirement. However, you may qualify as a VIP partner if you meet the VIP Partner Program requirements (determined after registration.) Get started by filling out the form on this page!