List of Sub affiliates you can work with

List of Sub affiliates you can work with

Should you work with subaffiliate networks?

Let’s start with what a sub-affiliate network is;

A sub-affiliate network is a company that recruits and manages its own affiliates. These affiliates register through the sub-affiliate network. Ads and campaigns are run directly through the sub-affiliate network platform along with payments to their subaffiliates. Reputable sub-affiliate networks often have direct relationships with brands and affiliate program managers allowing them to negotiate CPA rates and offers directly. In exchange, they receive a percentage of sales and share the remainder with their affiliate partners and affiliate publishers.

Not all sub-affiliate networks work strictly on a CPA basis, some may have room for negotiating rates. hybrid offers, and placement rates for their larger VIP affiliate partners with extended audience reach and proven performance.

As an affiliate manager, you should build a relationship with an account manager with subaffiliate partners. Don’t assume that you can not have some control over which of their partners will be accepted to your program. For example, you can request that no coupon or deal sites be permitted to run your program.

As an affiliate, working with a sub affiliate network can save you time and provide access to programs you may not otherwise qualify for (for example based on traffic or audience reach.)

Here are a few more well-known sub-affiliate networks to check out;

VigiLink (now Sovrn)

Focus on content-driven partners.  Over 50,000 publishers, bloggers, and influencers participate in Vigilinks program. Some of their publishers include Cnet and Better Homes and Gardens.

Skim Links

Skim Links is a leading USA, Canada, and UK subaffiliate network that processes $2.5million worth of eCommerce transactions daily. They can provide access to top digital media publishers including – including Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, and HuffPost.

Perform (formally ClickBooth)

According to Performs published case studies they have worked with larger advertisers such as Hello Fresh, Spotify, and Apartment List.