Schedule email delivery in Outlook

Schedule email delivery in Outlook

As a digital publisher or affiliate manager, managing our email correspondence is a huge part of our daily life. Utilizing send later and scheduled email options in Outlook is a great way to stay organized (and save time!) Scheduling your emails in Outlook can be done traditionally through your outlook desktop program or using a third-party email plugin to schedule messages in Outlook.

To schedule an email delivery in Outlook traditionally, create your message and click on the Options button in the Outlook ribbon and select ‘delay delivery’ under more options. This will open a pop up with a variety of options including ‘do not deliver before’. This option for scheduling email delivery in Outlook, is very limited. Luckily there are a variety of great solutions for email scheduling out there that offer more options and can be easily integrated into Outlook.

Sales Handy Email Scheduling Logo

Sales Handy provides scheduling email delivery as one of its regular account options.

Sales Handy was created to increase your email productivity. It is perfect for publishers, bloggers, influencers, and affiliate program managers. Not only does it allow you to schedule your emails in Outlook, it also provides a host of email and sales management features including email campaigns. It is one of the most affordable options starting at just $7/month. Email support takes a bit longer (no live chat) and as of today, I can’t confirm f there is an option for MAC users.

Here is a full list of the email management options included in their $7/ month regular email management plan;

  • Email Open Tracking
  • Real Time Desktop Notification
  • Email Open History
  • Email Scheduling
  • Outlook add-in for Windows
  • SMTP Integration
  • Attachment Tracking
  • Email Template
  • Shared Email Template
  • Recent Activity Tracking
  • Document Tracking
  • Copy to CRM
    *Zapier integration is included with the Plus account

Campaign Features:

  • Basic Mail Merge (Single Stage)
  • Campaign Performance Report
  • 200 messages via Campaign Sending
  • Domain Blocking
  • Unsubscribe Link

Other email scheduling for outlook tools

Yes Ware
Boomerang for Outlook

Resources for understanding affiliate attribution

While researching affiliate attribution I’ve come across many great resources to help understand what attribution is and to help merchants while they work on determining attribution for their affiliate programs. This list of affiliate attribution resources and guides will be updated as new resources are published and discovered.

2013: The Year Of Affiliate Attribution? Marketing Land, March 29, 2013 – blog post

Searching for the perfect attribution model, Witold Wrodarczyk, Search Market Engine, November 10, 2017 – blog post

How Attribution Models Affect Your Affiliate Program, PMA, July 26 2018 – white paper

Real Attribution: Affiliate Marketing Reinvented, Paul van Doorn, LinkedIn, May 10, 2019 – article

How To Design a Multi-touch Attribution Model, Jimmy Chang, AdRoll, 2019 – blog post

Why some publishers will only work with affiliate networks

Using an in-house software platform to run your affiliate program is a great place for starting a merchant affiliate program, however, you will find that that the majority of larger more established affiliate partners (that have the potential to bring in a lot of sales for your affiliate program) simply will not work with merchants who run their affiliate program in house. Here a few of the reasons why:

Credibility and trust

Working with an established affiliate network provides a level of credibility and trust that an in-house affiliate program software solution can’t compete with. Many affiliates (especially those who have been actively performing as affiliates for an extended period of time) have been burned working with smaller in-house programs when merchants have found themselves in situations where they cannot pay out their affiliates. The security that comes with working within an affiliate network ensures top-performing affiliates that they will receive their payouts and in a timely, reliable manner.

Software and tech resources

Another reason many top-performing affiliates will only work with an affiliate network is that they need to know the company they’re working with has the tech resources to maintain and support their tracking, feed, and payment solutions. Most in-house programs don’t have the tech resources or teams available to provide the level of urgent support that is needed to keep tracking solutions working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A ten-minute downtime could mean hundreds of dollars of revenue lost for a top-performing affiliate partner.

Time and management
Imagine the time it would take a top-performing affiliate to invoice and deal with the paperwork involved if they were directly invoicing hundreds even thousands of merchants. Or the time that would be involved to maintain and build relationships with every merchant’s tech, finance, creative, and marketing teams. It simply isn’t effective.

This isn’t to say that you won’t find affiliates willing to work with your in-house program. If you are a top 100 corporation, your brand trust alone will overcome many of these objections. Or if you have a very niche product (working with a very niche type of affiliate partner) and realistic goals for your program’s recruitment efforts, an inhouse program may work.

Considering that most affiliate networks offer package levels, the time you will save is well worth using an established, trusted affiliate network for your program.

Manage your Affiliate Links on WordPress

Manage your Affiliate Links on WordPress

As an active WordPress user for many years and an affiliate partner finding ways to manage all of my affiliate partner links within WordPress has at times been a challenge. I’m sure as a blogger or publisher using word press you’ve encountered this challenge as well. I found a handful of word press plug-in’s that I have used on a variety of different sites to manage and create unique affiliate partner URL redirects. The following plugins go beyond the ability to categorize, create and manage affiliate partner URLs, providing the tools you need as an affiliate partner promoting your affiliate partnerships on a WordPress site. They are both well rated and maintained regularly.

Tasty Affiliates

Well maintained affiliate WordPress plugin with an affordable monthly pro-version.
Thirsty Affiliates on WordPress

Basic Features:

  • affiliate link shorter/link cloaker
  • click stats
  • redirection options to protect your commissions
  • categorization ability (and slugs)
  • image and link insertion tools works in posts, comments, and pages
  • ability to create new affiliate links without even leaving the post edit screen
  • customizable link URL prefixes
  • no follow and open in new tab options
  • built-in proactive link fixer which detects outdated affiliate links in your content

Pretty Links

An affiliate star standard that has been used for years by affiliate marketers, this dependable link cloaker is well maintained and easy to use. Pro version starts at just $49 for a single site (no monthly costs.)
Pretty Links WordPress affiliate plugin in

Basic Features:

  • clean simple affiliate links with commission protecting redirects/li>
  • unique click stats
  • filterable reporting interface
  • click details including ip address, remote host, browser, and referring site
  • create nofollow/noindex links
  • Pretty Links Bookmarklet
  • split testing capabilities
  • auto-link keywords in posts, pages, and comments.
  • Geographic Redirects
  • and more!

Affiliate marketing 101

[pullquote]What is Affiliate Marketing? In a nutshell – it is the process of advertising on a cost per action basis. It can include any digital promotion that results in remuneration based on an action including; cost per lead, cost per sale, cost per booking, cost per acquisition.[/pullquote]

Ahrefs has published a great overview of Affiliate marketing for 2020 that runs down what affiliate marketing is, where it stands among other types of digital marketing, and how affiliate marketing works.

If you are looking to generate revenue through affiliate marketing revenue, this is a great video to help you get started.

Affiliate program software

Affiliate program software

As an affiliate manager, my recommendation is always to use an established affiliate network if possible, however, using a quality affiliate program tracking software solution is a great starting point for some merchants. To save you some research time I have compiled a list of affiliate program software and tracking solutions below.

Affiliate program software post affiliate pro screenshot

Post Affiliate Pro *cloud based
Starting at just $97 a month with unlimited affiliates, with a plugin to integrate with Shopify (code options for BigCommerce & Wix.)


    • Advanced affiliate features
    • They provide full set up
    • Trusted tracking solution
    • UNLIMITED affiliates
    • Unlimited Affiliates
    • 1M Tracking Requests/Monthly
    • Support 365 Days a Year
    • Free Lifetime Updates

AffTrack Affiliate Pogram Software Screenshot

Tap Affiliate
A cloud-based affiliate program solution that allows you to create your own affiliate program. It enables you to create, track and optimize your own affiliate program. Multi-language and currency options, custom branding, and simple integration into Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, Stripe, and Zapier.


  • Recruit your own affiliates
  • Teams, Performance, lifetime bonuses
  • 34 plug and play integrations including Wix, Squarespace, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce
  • Zapier integrations
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • 1M Tracking Requests/Month
  • Support 365 Days a Year
  • Free Lifetime Updates

Cons: Affiliate partners are not unlimited. The starting package ($69/month is limited to 1,000 affiliates. You will need to ensure you are optimizing your affiliates and removing those that are non-performing. With proper management, this limit shouldn’t be a concern.


Another cloud-based affiliate program solution that allows you to create your own affiliate is cloud-based affiliate tracking software. AFFTrack has no hidden fees and does not require a contract. Just $199 a month with an unlimited number of; affiliate partners, clicks and transactions.


  • Unlimited Clicks & Conversions
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Cookieless Tracking
  • Newsletter System
  • Postback and Redirect Logs
  • Proxy and Fraud Detection
  • and more

Cons: I haven’t found any yet


Why you should use Feedly

Why you should use Feedly

Whether you classify yourself as a blogger, publisher, or influencer. If you are an online content creator your likely to find yourself inundated with digital noise and clutter. Each day on top of my full time job as an affiliate manager, running this blog, and my freelance contracting business, I have to stay on top of a lot of information coming at me from all directions. Chances are you do as well.

How do I magnet to stay on top of it? Feedly, aggregates and organizes all of my trusted sources (even my child’s school newsletters) into one app that I can easily check on my phone or tablet.

Feedly features


Feedly’ s free blog and news aggregator service will help reduce your information overload and keep you informed but the pro+ membership (just $8 a month*) will introduce Leo, your AI research assistant. I am not sure to even put into words how handy he is. Feedly’ s pro plans are all under $20 a month, and include social sharing – including hoot suite and zapper integrations.

There are other newsfeed aggregators out there, Feedly is my recommendation for both IOS and Android users.