Looking for the best URL shortener for Facebook?

Looking for the best URL shortener for Facebook?

Long URLs and Facebook don’t go together. Long URLs and Social media in general don’t make great dance partners. Your posts on social media have limited space (either character limits or truncated posts.) A quality URL shortener helps manageable and takes up less space.

A shortened URL can also help track your source traffic by utilizing comprehensive tracking tools (offered by most services as a premium feature.)


 Bitly Website

One of my favourite URL shorteners, Bit.ly offers 1,000 non-branded links per month, complete with click rate tracking and the ability to customize the back-half of your links.

Bitly pricing:
Free plan: Yes
Paid plan: $35 /month base


Tiny Url shortener webiste

Perfect for those minute posts when you need to create a shortened URL. Their URLs never expires and you can choose to customize the results. Unfortunately, these eas of use has to be balanced against the lack of tracking. TinyURL has been established since 2002!

TinyURL pricing:


Blink URL Shortener Website

Is a great tool for bloggers and businesses looking for a full-service URL shortener service with extensive tracking analytics and organizing options (tags.)

BL.INK pricing:
Free plan: Yes
Paid plan: $12 /month,  $99 /month,   $299 /month


T2m URL shortener website

A great URL shortener with built-in tools for sharing your URLs on social networking sites. The free plan has an unlimited number of URLs and clicks and offers the ability to make QR codes!

T2M pricing:
Free plan: No
Pain plan: $5 (one-time fee),  $9.99 /month,  $29.99,  custom plans


Affiliate marketing news this week

What does the future look like for affiliate marketing? According to Ryan McAweeny, there hasn’t been a better time for affiliate marketing, with the industry worth more than $7 billion already the next five years will see tremendous growth.

“Ryan believes that it is just a matter of time before companies realize that the industry has the best ROI. The initial investment and the running expenses are small yet there is the potential for big gains.” Read more

Why should brands be considering Affiliate Partnerships and be adding them to their influencer partnerships? Mandy Jones with AffiliateWP thinks brands should create co-branded landing pages for their affiliates.

“This will feature both the influencer and your product on backpages of your website, which establishes more of a sense of ownership for the influencer. “Personalize the web address to make it easy for influencers to relay the info efficiently on their podcast or vlog,” she says. “This can be done with any affiliate, but as public figures, influencers will appreciate and make good use of this kind of personalization, not to mention that their followers will be looking for it!” Read more

THE PMA held a members-only round table discussing strategies and trends during COVID 19 for Q3 and back to school. With industry-leading panelists including; Scott Wanamaker, eAccountable (Moderator), Karen Garcia, Lab6Media, Christen Evans, Apogee, Adam Dahlen, PartnerCentric

“I attended the webinar and found myself scribbling down so many ideas about how to approach the next couple of months, including niches that I need to further investigate.” Tricia Meyer

They have made the round table available for non-members for a limited time! Read More


Giveaway and Contest Ideas for Shopify Merchants

Giveaway and Contest Ideas for Shopify Merchants

Before we share giveaway and contest ideas for your Shopify Store, we want to remind you to make sure you have checked into the legal requirements for running contests for your country and location. Each country, state, or province typically has regulations around contests. For example, in Canada, there must be a way for entrants to enter without making a purchase. Requiring a purchase makes your contest a raffle and each province regulates raffles and a license is required. This is why you will see large corporations providing alternative entry options.
Canadian Promotional contest regulations: Section 74.06 of the Competition Act

In the USA promotional giveaways can fit into two categories: Sweepstakes and Contests
A sweepstake is a luck of the draw prize giveaway, while a contest selects a winner based on some form of merits such as a written entry or photo Both promotional methods for running a giveaway on your Shopify Store will be regulated at a federal and state level. source

Contests and giveaways generate brand awareness, buzz, and introduce your Shopify products to new potential shoppers. They can help grow your social following and newsletter subscriptions, help gather data about your audience demographics, and build relationships with current and potential customers.

Here a few ideas for planning your next giveaway or contest for your Shopify store;

  1. Giveaway partnerships. Consider partnering with another Shopify store owner with a similar audience to increase your audience reach.2) Stories. Have entrants submit a story to enter.
  2. Holidays. Utilize holidays and special days. Think beyond Mother’s day and consider international days (such as International Women’s Day) or national days like National Umbrella Month. You can find a list of these declared days on the national day’s calendar
  3. Social Media Contests. A great way to launch or grow your social media presence.
  4. Monthly giveaways. Ongoing monthly giveaways can help increase brand awareness and be a way to reward customers by providing additional entries for each purchase.
  5. Product naming. If you are launching a new product utilize the opportunity to build loyalty with your customers by giving them the opportunity to have their name ideas considered.
  6. Nominations. Create a giveaway where entrants have the opportunity to nominate someone they feel deserves to win.

Contests and giveaways are also a great way to optimize your influencer and affiliate partnerships by allowing them to promote your onsite contests or hosting giveaways with them on their media platforms.

Photo credit: Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash