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Karrine (Kay) Magnussen

Karrine (Kay) Magnussen

Outsourced Affiliate Manager

Karrine has been working in creative design, web development, and online advertising since 1998 and began working on performance marketing campaigns in 2004. 

I began my career working with online promotions in 2000 when I started creating online assets for small businesses in Kelowna, BC, and promoting them through both organic collaborations and advertising placements. In 2003 I started working with Google Adwords and launching my own Affiliate optimized websites.

In 2003 I joined Bravenet Media network and started a career as an account manager selling and managing advertising portfolios across their network of web tech and personal websites. This is where I really embraced CPA (cost per action) campaigns and started my career in performance marketing.

While working at Bravenet, I was recruited by Great Aupair and went on to work as an advertising manager (and all-around assistant) where I gained invaluable skills in all aspects of daily operations of web-based membership service.

By 2006 I launched, Her Media Marketing & Design Ltd, working as an outsourced affiliate manager for a variety of eCommerce and SAAS sites including; TenMarks Math (bought by Amazon), Family Wizard (a co-parenting online organizer), ListPlanit (printable checklists for family management), Kidorable (rain gear for children), and Cookie Surprises (cookies for all occasions.)

Sadly, in 2011  I had to take a hiatus from my online work to care for a family member. Four years later I returned to post-secondary school to upgrade my skills in marketing, PR, design, and front-end web development in 2016. After graduation, I reentered the performance industry to work with a reputable Affiliate Management Agency.

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