It is a hard decision to sell your blog. Chances are your put your heart and soul into creating your blog, content, digital creative assets, and even social profiles! I have sold a few blogs and online publications in the past for a variety of reasons and regardless of your reason for wanting to sell your blog, doing so can be a daunting task (especially when you are attached to your blog.)

You want to be reimbursed for all that time spent creating content and assets, however, there are a few key items that potential buyers may be looking for that you should work on before listing your blog for sale and they all contribute to your sites current and potential revenue.

  • Ad revenue
  • Traffic trends (are you properly tracking via Goggle analytics?)
  • Age of the blog
  • SE rankings (SEO optimized)
  • Creative asset licensing
  • Established social profiles and following (being sold with the site.)

Like selling a house you will want to make sure you have some great ‘curbside appeal. Have someone proof your copy and improve your SEO prior to listing your blog for sale.

Wondering where to sell your blog?

Once your site is ready here are some online brokers that can help you sell your blog.

Flippa |

Flipper Empire | |

Website Broker |

A handy calculating for determining your blog’s value:
[(total last 12 months of profit/12)*(a multiplier)] = approximate website value