What label do you have? Influencer, blogger, publisher, content creator? I bet you are at least three of these.

I am often asked why do I need a blog? – I am an influencer. Or why do I need to create videos? – I am a blogger. The answer is because if you don’t build content and different ways to reach an engaging purchasing audience you are putting your revenue streams at risk.

Every social platform changes, new ones arrive, old ones fizzle out. Advertising regulations change. Search engine and social platform algorithms change. If you have all your eggs in one basket and any of these changes occur – you won’t have a revenue stream. Like any business, you need multiple revenue streams to make it in the long run.

Unless you are a celebrity, royalty, or an all-star sports icon who is at the top of their career, your revenue is limited as an influencer. So be more than an influencer. Push yourself out of the influencer mindset and embrace being a publisher.

Every influencer is a publisher. They publish content. They may publish words, videos, or images – it is all content. They may publish that content on their Instagram, TikTok, on a blog, or as a guest writer in a major online publication. Every publisher can be an influencer.

Starting with one platform to publish your content will work – but it may not be sustainable forever. Covid was a great example of how even the largest of brands can suddenly freeze their marketing budgets. While brand campaigns and ad spends were on hold where did marketing dollars go? To performance-based marketing.

Performance-based marketing is recurring. By creating a solid SEO blog post featuring your partner’s products with your affiliate links – you can easily continue to earn from the same original content by refreshing it twice a year and using your automated social post platform (such as Hootsuite) to share your post every month. This will bring your audience back to your post where they can also subscribe to your newsletter (another egg in your basket.)

If creating copy and managing a blog isn’t where you want to be spending your time, your website can simply be where you bring everything together on a single page. Using plugins you can stream all your social channels to one place or simply create an email publication (one of my favourite examples of this is the Newsette.)

I don’t know a single marketing executive, media buyer, or manager who isn’t looking for a potential return on investment and the numbers to back that potential up before putting money on the table. With a few skills and performance marketing know-how your affiliate partnerships will help you create the case studies you need to prove your revenue potential for brands as you grow as a publisher and ongoing revenue as your personal brand and content grow.

Image credit: Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash