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Before we share giveaway and contest ideas for your Shopify Store, we want to remind you to make sure you have checked into the legal requirements for running contests for your country and location. Each country, state, or province typically has regulations around contests. For example, in Canada, there must be a way for entrants to enter without making a purchase. Requiring a purchase makes your contest a raffle and each province regulates raffles and a license is required. This is why you will see large corporations providing alternative entry options.
Canadian Promotional contest regulations: Section 74.06 of the Competition Act

In the USA promotional giveaways can fit into two categories: Sweepstakes and Contests
A sweepstake is a luck of the draw prize giveaway, while a contest selects a winner based on some form of merits such as a written entry or photo Both promotional methods for running a giveaway on your Shopify Store will be regulated at a federal and state level. source

Contests and giveaways generate brand awareness, buzz, and introduce your Shopify products to new potential shoppers. They can help grow your social following and newsletter subscriptions, help gather data about your audience demographics, and build relationships with current and potential customers.

Here a few ideas for planning your next giveaway or contest for your Shopify store;

  1. Giveaway partnerships. Consider partnering with another Shopify store owner with a similar audience to increase your audience reach.2) Stories. Have entrants submit a story to enter.
  2. Holidays. Utilize holidays and special days. Think beyond Mother’s day and consider international days (such as International Women’s Day) or national days like National Umbrella Month. You can find a list of these declared days on the national day’s calendar
  3. Social Media Contests. A great way to launch or grow your social media presence.
  4. Monthly giveaways. Ongoing monthly giveaways can help increase brand awareness and be a way to reward customers by providing additional entries for each purchase.
  5. Product naming. If you are launching a new product utilize the opportunity to build loyalty with your customers by giving them the opportunity to have their name ideas considered.
  6. Nominations. Create a giveaway where entrants have the opportunity to nominate someone they feel deserves to win.

Contests and giveaways are also a great way to optimize your influencer and affiliate partnerships by allowing them to promote your onsite contests or hosting giveaways with them on their media platforms.

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