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Whether you classify yourself as a blogger, publisher, or influencer. If you are an online content creator your likely to find yourself inundated with digital noise and clutter. Each day on top of my full time job as an affiliate manager, running this blog, and my freelance contracting business, I have to stay on top of a lot of information coming at me from all directions. Chances are you do as well.

How do I magnet to stay on top of it? Feedly, aggregates and organizes all of my trusted sources (even my child’s school newsletters) into one app that I can easily check on my phone or tablet.

Feedly features

Source: https://feedly.com/i/pro/welcome

Feedly’ s free blog and news aggregator service will help reduce your information overload and keep you informed but the pro+ membership (just $8 a month*) will introduce Leo, your AI research assistant. I am not sure to even put into words how handy he is. Feedly’ s pro plans are all under $20 a month, and include social sharing – including hoot suite and zapper integrations.

There are other newsfeed aggregators out there, Feedly is my recommendation for both IOS and Android users.



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